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We are committed to accelerating the development of a better and brighter tomorrow through world-class adult care businesses and professional services. We believe it is essential to listen to the hopes and dreams of senior citizens and adults with disabilities and offer them resources and tools for living a productive and successful lifestyle. 

We are a licensed and trusted Medicaid Agency with the Department of Disability (DODD). We pride ourselves on building a reputation for providing reliable, affordable, and world-class business and professional services. In addition, we have experts committed to ensuring that our clients are satisfied with how we serve their needs.


At MMS Adult Day Center, we desire to become Ohio's leading adult care service agency for seniors and adults living with disabilities. We exist to provide an inclusive environment in the community and pride our services on meeting the needs of the individuals and families we serve. We are dedicated to enriching lifestyles and healing communities.


Our management consists of highly trained and professional employees and specialists who, through partnership and collaboration with community service, will deliver expert knowledge and exceptional client care. 

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